Standard of process steps carpet and sofa cleaning


Standard of process steps carpet and sofa cleaning.

For those customers who do not use carpet cleaning services, when they heard of the phrase "carpet cleaning" they often think of one solution that dry cleaning or  remove carpet and cleani them .This is not a correct meaning of carpet cleaning services. To help customers better understand about this the types of service, The One Vietnam are pleased to describe the specific methods of carpet cleaning as well as a standard cleaning process to clean a rug and carpet .
Like other cleaning process, the cleaning and preparing space is required.

Process of carpet sofa cleaning

Carpet cleaning process

With any form of carpet cleaning, carpet vacuuming is always the most important  before doing other stages.The vacuum cleaner does not only help to remove dry stains (dirt ...) on the surface but also help to clear the carpet

The next step of cleaning process is checking status of stains and offer reasonable solutions used in carpet cleaning with the highest efficiency. (Note: the testing of chemical is always applied in one small corner before applied on a large scale)

Once you have selected the right chemical for carpet cleaning, the process will apply the method:

Step 1: Spray the cleaning chemicals on the surface of the carpet.
Step 2: Removing stain on surface stains on the carpet (spray and shattered stain applied combined on one system).
Step 3: Remove stains from the carpet surfaces by a dedicated vacuum 
Step 4: Apply dry blower system to  dry carpet (use normal after 45 Minutes)
Step 5: The process "spray - absorb" can be applied 2-3 times for the area where appear more stains.

Carpet Lift RUGSWILL

Carpet Lift Rugswill Korea

Packages : 18.75 L (5 gallon)

Applications : To clean carpets and upholstery

Includes elements which act as a protectant.
Low foaming, fast dry, anti-odour and sterilizing effect
Helps to prevent re-soil on the carpetVersatile.

Method of Use :
1. Pre-Cleaner can be used as pre-spray for heavily soiled carpet or upholstery
2. Dilute Rugswill with water at 1:10 ~ 1:20
3. Spray evenly onto the surface
4. Rub gently with a cotton pad and remove the contaminant immediately.
5. Suck up the residue and waste liquid with a wet & dry vacuum cleaner and let dry.