Maintenance floor cleaning (Part 1)


Maintenance floor cleaning (Part 1)

The type of floor marble, granite, .. after a long time of use will be pitted stone, color degradation due to friction movement and the influence of the acid from food or cleaning chemicals... Normally marble, granite floors after several years of use will be degraded. Therefore the optimal solution is using floor polish service.
Process for service floor polish 

1. Service floor polish

- Natural stone: exploited in the wild and be sawn into pieces with thicknesses and different size, can be polished or matte. Used for flooring lobby, corridors, stairs, staircase, walls, columns, pedestals of sanitary equipment.

Marble are elegant as inherent stones (limestone, marble, sourced metamorphic metasediments): inferior hardness (3/10 points in Mohs size) and porouser than granite. They are colorful and often have patterned textured.

Granite, Basalt (marble, origin stone igneous ): Basically, Granite, Basalt was formed from lava, under the extreme repression of the crust and they are hardness (point 7 / 10 in Mohs size). Form crystal structure, fewer colors and patterns, and the same color.

Floor Cleaning Chemical

Artificial stone: also made from natural stone powder, over the course of chemical reactions to create the binder, pressed into each artificial rocks. Ordinary stone artificial are colored and made the same as some natural marble,so they are also called Artificial Marble. Artificial stone is hard as natural marble.Usually there are 3 ways to produce artificial stone with the different product characteristics.

Material characteristic of stone 

Marble is easy to be scratched and stains due to movement .The color of the stone is mainly due to the metal oxide, so the stone will lose color when acidic chemicals react on the floor.
This stone is very hard and good abrasion resistance so they are often used in places where many people pass by.

Principle of floor polish 

Maintenance floor cleaning

Depending on the status surface so floor polish service decide polishing method. 
Using floor polish chemical to polish surface.
Notice when providing service floor polish marble, grabite, marble
Due to the grain structure of stone. If there is no protective layer, the dirt will penetrate into the rock surface. It is very slippery when floor is wet, so after making wet onto floor there must  have warning signs.

High Quality Polish less odour Radiant

It is necessary to distinguish marble with granite, as well as distinguished from ceramic tiles, granite tiles, porcelain tiles.
Before using chemicals, we should try in a hidden place to see if chemicals damage the surface or not.