Tip for removing rust stain on clothes


Tip for removing rust stain on clothes

Clothes after a long time using adhesive often yellowed and rust stains caused by hard water or metals impact on clothing and linens. The following article will bring you good tips to remove rust stain and restore white beauty perfect beauty for your fabrics.

Method 1:

Drops a few of fresh lemon juice to loosen rust on clothing. Then using iron,iron until it dries.Remember that you should put a thin layer of fabric. Then wash again, rust stains will disappear. 

Method 2:

You sprinkle a little salt on the stain and rust a little lemon juice, then bring out the sun until the rust stains fly away. Then wash cloth again with soap, the cloth will white and clean. For strong rust stains, you can repeat this method to remove stains on your clothes.

Tips for removing rust stain remover on Clothes

Method 3:

Mix vinegar and salt together and stir until mixture smoothy. Use old brush to clean this mixture onto the rust stains on clothes. 

Method 4:

Use rust stain remover 
Rust stain remover is imported genuine from USA is a economic efficiency solution for removing rust stains.

Wilson Bongo for removing rust stain

Spot bleaching chemical WILSON BONGO
Effect: Remover the yellowed rust stains, stains from drinks: soft drinks, tea, coffee on clothes. Cleansing fast, do not fade fabrics

- Dry linen, as dry as possible
- Before washing, use Bongo to saturate the stain and brush, using tool to rub lightly until the stain disappears
- Wait for 10 Minutes then wash as usual
Packing: 355ml / bottle
Product is imported 100%  from the USA