Advanced dry cleaning servce in Hanoi.


Advanced dry cleaning in Hanoi.

In industrial laundry service, dry cleaning is an integral part. Behind the type of  modern dry cleaning service as today is the long life formation and development. With many years of operating experience in the cleaning service industry we are pleased to offer our customers dry cleaning service  with the best quality,ensuring the most reasonable price.

How is dry cleaning ?

The process of dry cleaning is a process quite similar to conventional cleaning method, using chemical and mechanical impact force to evaluate bleach and cleaning clothes. However instead of being washed in water, clothes and linens will be wwashed in a solvent; and chemicals used are also different than other common cleaning chemicals. The principle is simple but device structure and process are complex to operate. Dry cleaning is an ideal method to remove stains such as fat, oil and grease ... with efficiency and without discoloration.

Dry cleaning Service in Ha Noi

The most commonly solvents used is Perc and hydrocarbon. The process of dry cleaning can be summarized including the following steps: Clothes after preliminary examination will be spot cleaned small stains like ink pen, grease... then they are put into the machine with weight capacity suitable with  machine.The machine will supply automatically solvent, cleaning chemicals and operate as normal washing machines. Clothing after 2-5 cleaning process ( depending on the cleaning program for specific types of fabric) will be discharged , squeezed, then dried to fly out solvent before ironing and have original standard form of clothes.

Advanced dry cleaning service in Ha Noi

With dry cleaning service that The One Vietnam offer,customers will enjoy a perfect service with the most advanced of cleaning process. Machines used for dry cleaning are the most advanced machines imported genuine from reputable manufacturers, advanced chemicals imported from Malaysia meet European standards. We are proud to meet the most rigorous demands of the most discerning customers.

The products of services : Complet dry cleaning, suits, wool, leather,silk, wedding dress, feather ...
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