Experience to remove rust stains, yellow


Experience to remove rust stains, yellow

Yellow, rust stains often appear on the surface of stainless steel, floor, household items. The reason causing this phenomenon due to weather effects, such as sun and rain and other chemicals such as.

Cleaning and removing rust stains, yellowing is very difficult. If there is no right usage it will damage the furniture. Assorted types rust stains, yellowing or seen in the following items.

• Cleaning the rust stains, yellowing in stainless steel, elevator door, laboratory, spray bottle 
• Cleaning the rust stains, stain on the marble, granite, ceramic tiles, tiles fence ...

Experience removing cleaning rust stain

All of the rust stain are caused by many different factors. But almost are because people do not clean and wash regularly to maintain and keep clean.The cleaning of rust stains, yellowing is not difficult if we have a right way to do  without damaging the furniture. 

Rust stain remover chemical with safety effect : Toilet cleaner remover rust stain remover Rust Out

Rust Stain Remover Rust Out

Packages : 3.75 L (1 gallon) / 18.75 L (5 gallon)

To remove rust stains from the floor and external surfaces of a building.

Quick reaction to the rust stain
Strong penetrating power
Minimum damage to the surface as it contains stabilized raw materials.
Excellent cleaning for various areas such as tiles, external surfaces of a building, etc..

Method of Use :

1. Spray water onto area to be cleaned
2. Dilute Rust Out with water at 1:10 to 1:20 and apply.
3. Agitate the surface using a brush
4. Rinse off thoroughly with water.

>>** Note : Always wear rubber gloves and other protective devices. 
Do not allow contact with skin or eyes. 
Do not use on polished tiles.

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