Recognizing marble and marble floor polish


Recognizing marble and marble floor polish 

Marble (limestone, marble, sourced metamorphic metasediments): hardness less than the hardness of granite, and structure is porous. So it is easy to wear out have more dirt.There are many colors. Depending on each individual spot colors, and color scheme of each house or hotel, restaurant. Currently, Vietnam's marble is mined in the province of Thanh Hoa, Da Nang. Marble stones have been imported in the European countries, Marble has many different types and also different price.

Artificial Marble

Also made from natural stone powder, over the course of chemical reactions to create cohesion, pressed into each artificial rocks. Artificial ordinary tone are colored and modeled as some natural marble. Artificial stone is as hard as marble natural colors. After a long time of use they will dim and old over time.
Using chemical polish marble help to restore and maintenance floor, durable polished appearance to the surface of the floor as well as construction.

UHS High Quality Polish less odour Advance 2000

UHS High-Quality Polish (less odour)

Packages : 3.75 L (1 gallon) / 18.75 L (5 gallon)
Applications : UHS polish for astile, ceramic tile, urethane tile, epoxy, terrazzo and marble

 UHS polish with less odour (fast drying)
  Brilliant gloss under U.H.S. machinery
  Excellent high scratch and abrasion resistance
  Repairs easily, recoats easily, strips easily
  Excellent scuff marks resistance

Directions : 
  Please read the instructions carefully before applying the wax.
  Make sure that the floor is thoroughly dry and clean. Floor should have been wet cleaned prior to application of Wax.

2. The wax may be found crumbled if it is stored in cold area other than the workplace i.e. in winter. Thewax must be left at the workplace area for 1-2 hours prior to use.

3. Always use the clean bucket and polycotton mops/applicators.

Coating Process
1.Pour the resin wax into the bucket.
>>* Note: Wax cannot be recycled or reused. Ensure that you pour the exact amount of wax to be used in each process.

2.Take the clean mop and immerse the mop in the bucket. Wring the mop out slightly. Apply a thin coat of wax to the floor. Start applying the floor wax by running the mop parallel to and next to the skirting board. Form a "U” shape section of applied wax. Coat the remaining floor area, inside the "U", using figure "8" stroke. Be sure to cover the entire floor. Allow first coat to dry completely for approximately 1 hour, before applying second and additional coats. Repeat the above instructions for additional coats. More coats allow more protection for the floor and a better appearance.
Coverage : Approx. 1,155m2~1,320m2 per 18.75L

>>* Note : Each coat should be dried completely prior to applying another coat