Sofa cleaning service with cheap price in Hanoi


Sofa cleaning service with cheap price in Hanoi 

The need of cleaning Sofa at home, at the head office increase. This work needs to do on a regulary to keep the user's sofa always clean and remove odors. The One Vietnam Company is pleased to provide Sofa cleaning service, Carpet cleaning service to customers, we are committed to satisfy all needs of customers

The strengths bringing satisfaction to customers is the professional and friendliness of technicians in the company. With the advice and assistance of experts from abroad, we understand how to bring you the most flawless service. With the use of modern machinery and equipment, advanced chemicals imported 100% and a steam of skilled technical, we guarantee an absolutely confidence when using our cleaning services .

Sofa carpet cleaning service

With professional staffs and understanding each type of material (each material sofa has a separate cleaning method) . We have dedicated equipment combining with modern cleaning chemical.

Applying a closed scienced workflow and, the carpet and sofa washing process is always supervised carefully and cleverly. Since receiving the carpet, inspect of matreial fabric, select the appropriate chemical, washing, chemicals used after washing sofa... are fully implemented in a perfect cycle and completing the work in the shortest possible time.
Please contact us for advice and guidance ,support sofa cleaning efficiency, safety and the most economical.

Chemical for carpet sofa cleaning service

With the desire to become a leading company in providing cleaning services industrial hygiene and daily cleaning, we commit ourselves to continuous improvement to meet the needs of customers better and better.

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We look forward to receiving the trust and cooperation from customers.
For further information, please contact : HOTLINE: 0904.563.963
Respect !