Maintenance and cleaning Floor (Part 2)


Maintenance and cleaning Floor (Part 2)

Service floor polish : Tools,polish chemical ,scrubber 
Device : Restored stone floor cleaning machine
Vacuum cleaners, water
Pad black, red, white or diamond wheels.
Chemicals (Imported genuine from Korea)

Process of implementation: Floor polish service for marble floors, granite..

Step 1: Preparation
Place sign
Prepare floor polish machine, pad: black, pink, white.
Vacuum cleaner
Chemical maintenance polish floor

Odourless Hard Polish Diamond

Step 2: Evaluation of surface and breaking floor surface.
Breaking the old coating with scratches, transparent.Make the floor flat 
Remove dark stains, create new lines and using special glue. This glue will prevent dirt will glosser when polish 

Step 3: Polish floor with chemicals
Using specialized wax for polish machine combined with rubs. Chemicals will react with floor and epoxy glue, which helps the floor shiny as mirrors.

Step 4: Waterproofing
- Using waterproofing chemical to prevent water resistant and enhances longevity.

Step 5: Cleaning floor
- Using fast acting neutralizer and clean the entire chemicals, dirt left in the polishing process.

Fast acting Neutralizer Neutralizer

Fast acting Neutralizer 

Packages : 3.75 L (1 gallon)

Applications : Neutralises the alkalinity of the floor after stripping

Features :
Increases adhesion of sealers to the floor
Helps prevent powdering of sealers
Increases the gloss of the wax and strengthens durability
Reduces labour cost by neutralizing the surface-active agent and alkaline elements in stripping chemicals.


1. Dilute the neutralizer at the rate of 1:50-150 (one part neutralizer, fifty to one hundred and fifty parts water).
2. Apply the diluted neutralizer onto the floor after slurry pick-up.
3. Application of wax should start only after the floor has completely been Neutralizer neutralized and dried.