Address specializes in providing industrial cleaning chemical


Address specializes in providing industrial cleaning chemical 

Using chemicals safely to clean house as well as in the industry is very important. Cleaner chemical helps to remove strong stains and does not harm the surface, giving you a pleasant fragrance.The following article will share you our experiences in the field of using  industrial cleaning chemical

Original alkaline chemicals:
Using purple litmus to test pH, alkaline have pH> 7, used to remove strong organic dirt, grease, oil, ...

Chemical average:
pH is 7, used to remove average stains, daily cleanser.
Based on the features, uses we classified into categories:

1. Chemical Cleaning:
Chemical acidic cleaner :
Note when using: Keep away from children, avoid exposure directly to the skin and eye, if eye contact, wash with water and go to the health center.
The material can not be used on metal, stainless steel, natural stone.

Original alkaline cleaning chemical :
Is the original alkaline detergent chemical used to clean the equipment such as furniture, air conditioner, telephone, .. without scratching the material, while using just spray onto the substrate surface and then use a soft cloth and wipe dry with a clean damp cloth.

Note :
+ When cleaning dilute it with water, depending on the dirty level of the material and wipe off with clean water. Avoid chemical remaining on the materials that are harmful to the material.
+ Do not let contact with eye.
+ Do not use on aluminum materials. 

Neutral cleaning chemical :

As the cleaning chemicals with a pH is 7 easy to use and less harmful to the surface, mainly used in daily cleaning. Most have bactericidal action with pleasant fragrance, against virus and bacteria. When using it should be diluted with water in proportion to the instructions on the packaging. Typical products are the types of VIM mopping the floor, ...

Cleaning chemical on separate materials:

Glue and Gum Remover Speed Remover

When cleaning it is noteworthy about the chemicals because misuse will damage the material and each chemical is often used for each individual. However when using these chemicals we should pay attention to those properties follows:

+ Chemical cleaning material made of stainless steel, copper, ... neutral and abrasive,need to wipe several times
+Aluminum cleaning chemical : acidic (avoided alkaline original because that can damage the aluminum material and the create blemishes, dull)
+ Plastic cleaning chemical : cleaning plastic material, rubber, paint is neutral substances
+ Glass cleaning chemicals: Mild alkaline alcohol mixed with light cleaning and quick evaporation, anti-dust back. Often used in spray bottle.

2. Floor polish Chemicals :
As synthetic chemicals containing hard glue water-soluble, when dried produce a milk-colored membrane protects hard and transparent. Used to cover the surface of material after cleaning as brick, wood, granite, vinyi, metal, ... to protect the surface of the material to avoid scratches and mold.

Odourless Hard Polish Diamond

Mixed with water at the rate of 4/1, spray or apply to the surface of material.Then polish and use a damp cloth to wipe over.
Typical chemical such as : Snabak, Wax, Fhineup,..There are also gloss oil-based chemicals using  inkjet and scanning method such as varnishes, P.U ... used on wood, brick red, ...The types of leather materials such as sofa, shoes as specialized types.

3. Deodorant + flavor chemical 
+ Typical products are turpentine, mothballs, used extensively in the closed rooms such as toilets, carpeted rooms, to remove odor, musty odor, insect repellant.
+ After deodorant giving fragrance in the room created by the smell of chemicals commonly created in the form of a spray box.

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